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13.04  20.05.2017

Solo Exhibition

By Owner

As we start to loose our ownership over the city with each passing day, the relationship between the spaces and the objects that make up those spaces are no longer among the confines that define us, they do not represent us, do not provide a cultural continuity in our everyday lives, and ignores our habits. What really matters is the city gives up its flexibility which allows space for different views.

With his second solo exhibition,  ‘By Owner’ in  Versus Art Project, Sercan Apaydın tells the story of the present-day city, which has lost its soul and has become a toy in the hands of the dominant system. The city, which has no other features left than its guiding and supervising mechanisms, was taken from the subjects-plural and transferred to the managers. It is now ‘By Owner’ by being the property of the dominating system.

In his previous exhibition, the artist, who described the city as "Deep Emptiness", now brings a city, which does not need anything other than the necessity of being governed; developing in the hands of the opportunist groups, being demolished and rebuild to be useful for the owners, to his works.

This exhibition meets art lovers with more than 40 new works including series of work with an unique artistic language. The exhibition brings together imagery that came out of conditions where the city got branded ‘from its owner’ ads first and then caused people that live there become ‘insignificant’.

Sercan Apaydin, who carries monotonous, destroyed landscapes surrounded with high muted walls to his works, pursuing the path of the images where actors are no longer in play and the memory and subjects are destroyed.


'Does seeing the subject trying to hold on to life show a struggle for a city to reunite all over again with its subjects-pluralism? So, perhaps, the first thing we have to look for in the works of Sercan Apaydın should be this: the subject creating his own poetry with a miraculous "return" in an environment unsuitable for its existence, therefore creating his unique production... In those "frustrating spaces", among those stifling landscapes, this stands as fundamental resistance, doesn't it?'


Emre Zeytinoğlu

Çapa 1
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