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10.05  25.06.2016

Solo Exhibition

Get Lost

'The Rhythm of Colors, Lost in Colors, Abstract from Vienna to Istanbul'

The title of the exhibition comes from the experiences of the Cypriote artist in his childhood, and the wars he witnessed. “This is the state of my fear of being lost, of not being able to settle down, not belonging, created by a process involving my past …”

An artist who follows spontaneous impulses while producing his work, Gürsel  Soyel often chooses to initially paint the surface of his canvas black. In contrast, we can see that the colour the artist uses most often from his pallet is white. Soyel attempts to find a rhythm in the chaos he experiences in himself on the surface of the painting.

In this exhibition, which includes more than 20 oil paintings of different dimensions on canvas and paper, the artist presents us with a style that involves multiple layers of thick paint. Soyel says the following about his style: ‘There is a rhythm in my paintings, like music, and I want the viewer to be caught up in this rhythm.’

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