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09.01  14.03.2020

Solo Exhibition

Sercan Apaydın

Sercan Apaydın met the audience with his 4th solo exhibition INN at Versus Art Project between 9th January to 14th March 2020.

INN is the visual expression of the compulsory bond that the artist has established with the inn he has been living and working in for the last two years. The concept of spatial necessity, which Apaydın put forward to describe the sense of exposure that space creates on the person through the relationship between being and space, summarizes the artist's contact with the Inn. This process, evolving towards transcending the imposed reality with a sense of vital responsibility, reflects the artist's effort to create and make sense of his own reality.

The exhibition is an interrogation on the production of an art object as a craftsman and the value it creates with the effect of observing the production processes and actions inside an inn.

The INN exhibition, which consists of works created using chassis, wooden rods and found objects, reflects the artist's need to make sense of the space he lives and produces, and his desire to create a new space within the space.

The exhibition, where the linear movements created is inspired by the geometric forms that the artist encounters inside the Inn, presents a cross-section of his workshop, living space, which he forms around the ideas of production and value.

Installation View
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