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SABO completed his undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. During his studies, he focused on the gravure print techniques at Rome Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department.


Although figures are in the foreground in SABO's compositions, the space, all elements in the atmosphere surrounding it, and abstract spaces are complementary and enriching parts of the story as much as the figures. Every stroke of the artist on the canvas enriches his works by contributing to the culmination of the work as a whole. Handling the graphical elements with a pictorial language, SABO's works are fictional, storytelling, and even playful. The audience is invited to a story. Through this journey, the viewer follows a path that is completed with detailed descriptions of places and objects. This journey, which also bears traces of the artist's own story, cultivates the imagination of the viewer and ceases to be one-dimensional by enabling them to create alternative story lines accordingly. Thus, the first narrative created by the artist is enriched over time. In addition to the items, such as notes and texts from the history of humanity that are frequently encountered in SABO's work, history, past wars, success and failure are among the other themes that SABO thinks about and produces.


Works of SABO have been exhibited in Izmir, Rome, Copenhagen along with his solo exhibitions that took place in Istanbul. SABO continues his work and life in Istanbul.