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10.04  07.05.2016

Group Exhibition


Curated by Özlem Ünsal

Mert Acar

Sercan Apaydın

Hüseyin Arıcı

Tanzer Arığ

Can Aytekin

Gökhan Balkan

Alper Derinboğaz

Arlık Levy

Sinan Logie

Sümer Sayın

Kemal Seyhan

Yusuf Murat Şen

Mehmet Ali Uysal

The exhibition is inspired by the architectural characteristic of the historical building ‘Hanif Khan’ which is the main exhibition area of Versus Art Project.

‘Locus’ focuses on the influences of İstanbul’s architecture to the socio-politic and socio-economic dynamics of the past and present, to the individual and its relationship with the city culture. Hanif Han, dating back to 1904, is one of the examples of Beyoğlu’s architecture, which we can simply define as distinctive.


Today when you are strolling around in Beyoğlu, you witness how the architectural identity and functions are changing so rapidly but also when you come across with a building like Hanif Han, the feeling it evokes points out to the meaningful relationship between the individual and architecture. In an atmosphere where an architectural looting is happening through aggressive interests, where de-identification is deemed normal, where uniformity is presented as variety and oppression as freedom, the exhibition invites the individual to a building, which have resisted all these, and offer him to build a relationship and create a memory.

‘Locus’ aims to open to read the person founded by relationship with the architecture and architecture of the population consists of people’s memory which is hosts different medium.

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