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10.01  23.02.2019

Solo Exhibition


Taking its name from one of the artist's early childhood experiences, the exhibition takes a look into the role time plays in the transformation of image in one's memory.


Starting off with the images traced in his mind from early childhood memories, the artist combines his experiences with these images in his subconscious. Various compositions appear as a result, each open to the spectator’s own interpretation. Sabo opens the doors to a new world where he applies graphic elements through painterly language, with a humorous tone.


The oil compositions in the exhibition, which allude to reality, but carry fictional elements, seem to be much like the very unsettling feeling one feels the moment when he wakes up from a strange dream. Sabo’s paintings carry fantastical, fictional, story-like traits.


Although figures play a prominent role in the work of the artist, the space and its surrounding elements contribute to the narrative as much as the figures do.


The work of Sabo is fantastical and fictional; the audience is first invited into the storyline by the figures, and throughout the journey, the spectator follows a path complemented by detailed spaces and objects. This journey is anything but single dimensional as it feeds off of the spectator’s own imagination, and creates alternative storylines accordingly. Thus, the initial narrative created by the artist becomes richer in time. This dream, under the effects of Paracetamol, always comes to a close, with unexpected turns. 

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