Rafet Arslan, who identifies himself as a storyteller and shifts between various disciplines, places the problematics of utopian and dystopian tension in the center of his works. Apart from his role as an artist, Arslan is also a writer, musician, curator and a performance artist.


For Arslan, the technique of collage is seen as an intersection point where commonalities and differences come together, and where the concept of ‘extreme’ becomes ambiguous. The artist, much like a librarian who carefully archives objects and images collected from numerous sources, then begins to create narratives with objects and images.


Arslan aims to birth characters and souls in a period where consumerism in predominant in the current society, where he mainly uses paper - collage, and digital imagery, together with typography and installations.


Together with the ‘Surrealist Action Group’ and ‘Periferi Kolektif’, Arslan has been involved in the production and coordination of many exhibitions, performances and collective initiatives such as ‘Demolition 2011’, ‘Ubik Project’, ‘Reality Terror’ and ‘Howl'.


The artist, born in 1972, currently lives and works in Istanbul.



Kuloğlu Mah.

Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sok. No.11/3

Hanif Han 34433  Beyoglu Istanbul Turkey
+90 (212) 258 14 14


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