Born in 1983 in İzmir, Sercan Apaydın studied in Eskişehir Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty and completed his M.A. degree in Painting Department of Akdeniz University Fine Arts Faculty.  For a while, Apaydın continued his practice in Copenhagen where he had been working as an art instructor. Later, he participated in artist residency programs of Saint Hanri Association in France and WUK in Vienna. 


Apaydın builds his art practice on his own problems and needs as an "individual" who is aware of the fact that he is a "social being". In his early works, he produced visual fictions on the theme of void and figureless space in relation to the subject of city. His works examine concepts such as right to property, belonging, struggle for existence, boundaries between public and private.


The artist, who thinks about the concepts of 'the space that bodily existence takes up', 'existential deadlocks', ‘spatial imperativeness' in his recent works, creates installations with pieces such as ready-made objects and waste wood, which he detaches them from their functional context by using the assemblage technique.

The artist pursues a 'settlement' beyond an installation. He criticizes the physical and socio-cultural impositions of today's geography by combining the traces of the space he is in with abstract geometric forms. 


Apaydın works are parts of important local and foreign collections. Izmir Hayy Open Space, Berlin Architektur Galerie, Copenhagen Verdens Kultur Centret, Istanbul Gallery Zilberman are among the institutions where the artist's works are exhibited.




Kuloğlu Mah.

Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sok. No.11/3

Hanif Han 34433  Beyoglu Istanbul Turkey
+90 (212) 258 14 14


 *By appointment only

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