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19.09  13.10.2018

Solo Exhibition

Space Graph

The exhibition creates an area to observe the effect of space and time discourses, taken as single realities in the discipline of architecture, while including the main, Space Graph robotic performance, along with a VR installation as well as numerous metal structures.

The age we currently are living in is defined as “Big Momentum” where we observe the human activities causing serious changes in the global geology. These change have reached further serious phases such as geologic manipulations by the spaces humankind has built, and tools he uses under the name of technology. Memory and archive, while expressing different meanings, and the scaling of time also undergoes the same level of deformation. All these changes and structure distortions necessitate a broader perspective when looking at the relationship between 'time and space’.

The main performance, which also marks the title of the exhibition, questions the abilities of an artificial nature and of living beings to create spaces. Today, creations of industrial robots and virtual reality experiences designed by human-beings also give birth to natural and artificial intelligence. Alper Derinboğaz, who evaluates humanbeings themselves, in relation to and in dialogue with a series of unsettling industrial designs that are more superior to humanbeings, has envisioned a performance where a robotic arm actively creates an orbital mechanism as well as a different universe rhythmically reflected in the background. In doing so, the integration of ‘time and space’ is thoroughly studied through Space Graph.


Derinboğaz, in collaboration with Refik Anadol, simultaneously minimises the human scale in relation to the quantum foam in order to experience ‘emptiness’. The artist, who defines the overall exhibition as a search for integration and continuity between the space that the elements create and the time we experience, invites the viewer into an experimental field to observe the relationship between various notions.

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