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22.12.2016  11.02.2017

Solo Exhibition

This is Stupid

The artist utilizes various media for the works  on display, including photographs, paintings, sculptures and installations, masterfully constructing visual and auditory images. In her works, Elif Biradlı brings together limbs separated from human bodies with ordinary objects with a darkly humorous method, looking inside herself to inspect society and its depths.

In her works, which are constructed entirely on synthetic objects, we encounter grotesque masks, single-use plastic utensils from ordinary life and exaggerated coloUrs that drag the viewer into gleaming darkness, in the stifling intermediate spaces between subject and object. Male and female images on the verge of passing each other on an eerie aesthetic plane, revealing a persona that had hidden itself.

In Biradlı’s works, the viewer is confronted with birth as a bloody ceremony, the first step towards death. The artist traces rebirth in the cycle of societal gender, produced as a diseased answer to the fears seeping out of the collective subconscious.

As a modern conceptualization against the fear of death, the artist looks at the absurdity of existence, defining each scene constructed in her works as a tragic ‘piece of the joke’.

‘This Is Stupid’ buzzes in the ears like a dark guffaw, inviting viewers to an experiment in disappearance that is as eerie as it is carefree and as terrifying as it is humorous.

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