Versus Art Project focuses on the socio-economic and cultural problems of the country it is located in.

It aims to promote the representation, in the local and international arena, of a selection of young and subversive artists, whose works focus on themes such as lack of belonging or identity, displacement, migration, the position of women in the society, gentrification, urban memory and destruction of local culture.

Its goal is to assume the role of a thematic contemporary gallery, with special focus on the representation of contemporary Turkish photography, together with the internationally recognised local photographers who have joined the team of the gallery.

The gallery located in the historical neighbourhood Beyoğlu Taksim, has completed its five-year activity program, regularly participated in the existing local fairs, and also international contemporary art fairs.​ 

Co-founder & Director

Esra Leyla Ünsal


Co-founder & Director

Mert Ünsal


Gallery Assistant

Dilara Hadroviç


Versus Art Project logo


Kuloğlu Mah.

Gazeteci Erol Dernek Sok.

No.17/1 Hanif Han

Beyoğlu Istanbul Turkey

Visiting Hours

*By appointment only





+90 (212) 258 14 14

+90 (530) 016 47 18

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Incorporated in VS Sanat Etkinlikleri Tic. AS.  

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