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Les Glaneurs et Les Glaneuses 
Curators: Ezgi Bakçay & Selim Süme

14.07  13.09.2016

Group Exhibition

Serkan Taycan

Ali Taptık

Selim Süme

Sevim Sancaktar

Civan Özkanoğlu

Yusuf Sevinçli

Gözde Türkkan

Metehan Özcan

Ege Kanar

Alp Sime

Kerem Uzel

Melisa Önel

İrem Sözen

Görkem Ergün

Sinem Dişli

Ata Kam

Uğur Çolak

Serdar Darendeliler

The title of the show, ’Les Glaneurs Et La Glaneuse’, is inspired by the movie of the same title by famed French artist  Agnès made in 2000. In her movie, Varda focuses on a group of artists who collect and worked with garbage or harvested  products. Varda, as a cinemtaographer, presents herself as a collector as well. Collecting as an act, is seen as one of the primary  epistomological elements  which change the paradigm of photography and artistic creation. The artist’s principle as a collector has deep ties with the process of image production, collage, and even performance, especially apparent in the works created 1960 onwards.  

In the exhibition, the photographers whose works are on display collect instances from the street and the city, from the skin and the body, from what is seen through a keyhole, from memory and history, from nature and the garden, from identity, and masks. Their playgrounds is where hierarchies are eroded, the value of change is exhausted, where the object becomes dysfunctional, and the images transluscent. The artists work like gatherers who relieve bodily impulses, time, place and objects from function. First, the world loses its aura, and immediately thereafter, an assembly work begins, opening new possibilities of meaning.  

‘Les Glaneurs Et Les Glaneuses’ presents fragments from the field of contemporary photography in Turkey. The exhibition brings together 18 gatherers who are interested in the ontology of the photograph, who explore possibilities, boundaries, corridors and cliffs in different manners. The viewer is invited to create his own narrative, through the element of montage.

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