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Selim Süme at The Guardian Newspaper

Basel, Switzerland
13 – 18.06.2023

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Cem A. at Basel Social Club

Basel, Switzerland
11 – 18.06.2023


A critical guide by HYBRID PROJECT SPACE and signage, created in collaboration with Cem A. (@freeze_magazine), aim to make the invisible visible.

The Floor Pieces are meant to imitate the linguistic landscape of art spaces and question the hegemony of signs that we assume to be neutral. Each sign puts the viewer in a different paradoxical situation.

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Larissa Araz at oxyd – Kunsträume

Art museum in Winterthur, Switzerland
23.02 – 23.04.2023

The experimental exhibition and research platform Observatory, On Deculturalisation. Chapter 1 departs from the work of Italian feminist art historian Carla Lonzi (1931-1982) and her use of the term “deculturalizzazione”. Developed by Lonzi in the context of the feminist collective Rivolta Femminile in Milano, “deculturalizzazione” appears in the text “Let’s Spit on Hegel” in 1973 to define those practices and actions which oppose the paradigms of patriarchal culture. The curatorial collective Zaira Oram moves from Lonzi to further research and expand the notion of deculturalization. 

The first chapter of the research presents an observatory of artistic practices which enact deculturalization through sound, film, performance, workshops, and public talks.

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Cem A. at Louisiana Museum

Humlebæk, Denmark
23 – 24.04.2023

In response to the conference “The Politics and Poetics of Exhibiting” Cem A. has created eight fictional exhibition posters that temporarily replace existing posters in the Louisiana Café. Cem A. adapts internet memes to the Louisiana’s visual aesthetic.

Through this approach, the posters become a site-specific intervention that reflects on the role of memes both as a form of art and institutional critique. The posters invite visitors to consider the power art institutions have in shaping our shared understanding of art history.

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