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Paris Fashion Week:
The Tangibility of Body, Garment and Power
Curator: Yekhan Pınarlıgil

12.10  18.11.2017

Group Exhibition


Halida Boughriet

Majida Khattari

Ninar Esber

Zoulikha Bouabdellah

Paris Fashion Week: The Tangibility of Garment, Body and Power’ exhibition brings together women artists who have   developed a solution against control and normalization mechanisms through clothing and body issues and  participated in the Paris Art Stage from outside France and used it as a central.


Using criticisms which is one of the  foundations of Western culture as a weapon (or a cure), these artists create resistance to the constraints of conservative societies on the one hand while targeting the tension and sanctions of the nation-state on the other hand with the critical image system they build. In both contexts, artists who reveal the contradictions, weak spots, biased attitudes of patriarchal discourse open up habitats to all bodies that do not enter and refuse to enter into certain labels. 


Throughout  ‘Paris Fashion Week: The Tangibility of Garment, Body and Power’, we will see how the bodies of the gender stereotypes, condemned by the overly controlled labels, have come out of their roots, and exist with sincerity, with aughter, lightness and courage.

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