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Atopos Project 
Curator: Rafet Arslan

22.02  24.03.2018

Group Exhibition

Alper T. İnce

Can-D & Chew-Z

Deniz M. Örnek

Ezgi Yakın

İrfan Önürmen

İsmet Doğan

Mehmet Çeper

Nalan Yırtmaç

Nejat Satı

Nevzat Sayın

Sercan Apaydın

Yiğit Koç

Yusuf Murat Şen

Zeynep Beler

‘an exhibiton on invaluable spaces, non-places, and uneasy, apprehensive territories.’

The chaotic functioning of the modern metropolis within our current day has consumed what is real, and has constructed its own fictional reality.

The construction - destruction - formation cycle that has spread within the city, the ever increasing yet always insufficient public transportation channels, highway developments, hence the increase in traffic, towers and skyscrapers, identitylessness due to monotypical shopping centers, abandoned spaces waiting to be demolished, increased criminalization despite growing police state implementations around the globe, normalization of violent behavior have all taken part in building such aformentioned, new constructed reality.

We are currently encapsulated by mega chains, their monotonized quality standards, and corporate identities. Today, all places look alike; the very bistro you eat in, the store you shop from, the hotel you stay at in Istanbul will also be awaiting you in Tirana, or Bogota.

Non-places have already transformed into surrounding spaces, but what effect do these dull, lifeless, unexciting spaces have on its inhabitants? According to British author JG Ballard who expresses his forecasts on the near future, the suburbanization of the world will continue, and so will the suburbanization of the human soul in direct proportion. As of now, we are exactly at the point which Ballard had forseen, and are searching for an ‘Exit’ sign out of this delirious reality.

Atopos is presented with an aim to explore and question possibilities of new ways of living that stems from the uneasy, insecure territories which have accumulated within the modern metropolis, the disfunctional, invaluable spaces and non-places. It questions all from virtual bookstore sensation Babil, to the Non-Places of Marc Auge, from Ballard’s ‘inner spaces’, to the restless, anxiety inducing areas of the new wave urbanism, from the term ‘atopos’ founded by the Stockholm Surrealists, to the relationship between the city and chaos...

‘And now, Atopos invites you in for a trip through the borders / experiences of the city. ‘

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