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Herşey Yolunda

09.10 - 09.11.2021

Solo Exhibition

Known for his identity as a mural artist, Canavar's first solo exhibition "Herşey Yolunda'' will meet with the audience at Versus Art Project on September 9th. The exhibition, which centers on social pressure, love of power and conquest, and the struggle for existence in urban life, includes the artist's works covering the three-year production process.

By observing the evil side of society, its pain and pleasure, and fed by the traumatic effects of these cultural pressures on human psychology, Canavar bases the reference points of his production on Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" and "Letters to His Father" and Nietzsche's "So Spoke Zarathustra".


The artist, who identifies the cockroach figure, which is a representation of not belonging and the alienation of body and identity, of the individual who is marginalized under the pressure of masculine power, examines the contagious state of violence and anger, and his experiences that affect the existential process, in the exhibition "Herşey Yolunda".

The exhibition, which includes nearly 60 spray paint analyzes, painting, engravings, and performative applications on the wall by Canavar, opens the street artist's stereotypical existence in the gallery to discussion from a different perspective.

Exhibition View
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