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Fluid Dynamics
Curator: Özge Yılmaz

08.04  08.05.2021

Group Exhibition

Alper Aydın

Emine Boyner

Didem Erbaş

Sibel Horada

Beste Kopuz

Yelta Köm

Deniz Tortum

Gülhatun Yıldırım

Fluid Dynamics focuses on the concept of "fluidity", its reflections on nature, city and virtual spaces within the relationship between individual and space, and its emphasis on fluidity in life. The exhibition takes its name from the term "Fluid Dynamics", which studies the behavior of liquids, gases and plasmas in motion. This field deals with measurements of the endless motion of fluids made up of molecules colliding with each other.


The exhibition is based on a curatorial axis that advances with the concept of fluidity. This axis starts from the "water" found in nature in its most primitive form, and touches upon the flow and fluidity of nature, and the mythological and bio-political references of water. It deals not only with the fluids on the earth, but also with the fluids found in the body. It explores the place of fluidity in the communication of the human body with nature, by drawing on the concept of "fluidity" and its consequences, based on "water".

Fire, which can be considered as a distant reference to the concept of fluidity, also occupies an important place in the exhibition. It refers to points such as volcanic geographic sections, lava that emerges from the planet's core as a fluid fire, as melting and the change of forms of lead as well as other solid materials while also referring to the change in its references and meanings for us. The next stopover point of the axis is the fluidity of concrete and the movement in urban life, through the ability to adapt, and to survive the fluidity influx to flexibility.


After focusing on the flow of urban life and the components it brings with it, the conceptual axis of the exhibition explores the fluidity of the digital world, codes and pixels. Binary codes emphasize that the flow between the invisible networks that connect us to each other and the information-carrying pixels of the current visual culture which corresponds to life as much as water today.

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