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Surface to Space

21.12.2017  06.01.2018

Group Exhibition

Alper Derinboğaz

Alper T. İnce

Bora Başkan

Deniz M. Örnek

Ömer Pekin

Mehmet Öğüt

Rafet Arslan

Sercan Apaydın

Volkan Kızıltunç

As one of the main problematics of contemporary art, the notion of ‘Space’ has been re-interpreted and examined by artists on numerous occasions.


Whilst opening the floor to discussions on the transitions from the abstract to object, what is dark to light, clarity to blur, border to surface, such notion also presents a stage for further exploration of its ultimate meaning.


Analyzing the relationship between surface and space within the formation of a certain surrounding space gives birth to the various arguments of our day. The requestioning of space within the now also draws attention to the material, the object,and the field.‘Surface to Space’ invites the viewer to explore previously unthought answers to these questions, and discover new ideas.

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