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Vahit Tuna

19.09  01.10.2019

Solo Exhibition

In the Cave exhibition, Tuna refers to the concepts of unconsciousness, light-shadow, stain, sound-magnet, and pareidolia-apophenia. Beginning with the Rorschach diary held by the artist in early 2018, he exposes hundreds of unconscious stains and patterns to external factors such as sound, light, and artificial intelligence, within the mind fiction.

The installation named inside, which will be created in one of the rooms of the gallery, fictionalizes an interior space. This fictionalized “room” can be seen at certain times during the exhibition, whereas the installation in the large hall of Versus named outside can be watched at any time.


The sounds produced for the Cave exhibition as well as the track called Horizon, which is composed by the artist in 2018, accompany the exhibition with only 250 EPs to be recorded.


The exhibition also features a Memory Table that Tuna shows at each solo exhibition.

Installation View
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