Born in 1974, Gökhan Balkan completed his studies in Business Management (BM) in 1997 in Cyprus, and received his MBA degree in  2000 in Paris, France. In 2012, he joined the Masters program in Işık University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting department.


His graduation thesis was completed in 2015, titled “Posthuman; end of social constructionism, Bio-Constructive Art“ under the consultation of Prof. Balkan Naci İslimiyeli. Balkan is currently attending the PhD program for ‘Art of Science’ in Işık University Faculty of Fine Arts.


The artist mainly concentrates on the Posthuman era and Posthuman body formations while questioning the rigidity of today’s bodily norms. Balkan aims to demolish the socially contructed border among bodies by positioning ‘the other’ and ‘the centric body’ together as one. His series titled ‘without human’ , a critique on anthropocentrism, was first exhibited in 2010 in Contemporary Istanbul.


Balkan currently lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey.