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Gökhan Balkan, Break Through No.2, 2017, Pigment Print, 73 x 90 cmjpg.jpg

Gökhan Balkan
b.1974, Istanbul

Born in Istanbul in 1974, the artist completed his BA in 1997 in Girne and his MBA degree in 2000 in Paris, attended Işık University, Faculty of Fine Arts, department of painting in 2012 in Istanbul. He has submitted his masters thesis titled "Posthuman: The End of Social Body Construction, Bio-Constructive Art" in 2015. In 2020, he completed ‘science of art’ Ph.D. program in Işık University Faculty of Fine Arts with the thesis titled “Posthuman Situation and Art in Multitude Platforms”. Today continues his academic career as part time lecturer at Işık University.​

​While focusing on the visualization of posthuman body, society and urban phenomena in his works, Balkan questions the Anthropocene ideology, Humanism and life fiction in the context of 'posthumanism'. The artist carries out works based on the understanding of art focused on participation and sharing, with multiple formations sprouting in the body, culture and living space solidified in the social fabric. 

The artist has published articles and papers on New Media and Virtual Reality, Relational Aesthetics and Art with Social Content, Posthuman Condition and gives ‘Philosophy of Art’ and ‘Science, Technology and Contemporary Art’ lectures at Işık University department of humanities and social sciences.

Balkan continues his life and work in Istanbul.


The Third Nature

11.01 – 17.02.2018

Solo Exhibition



06.04 – 07.05.2016

Group Exhibition

Curator: Özlem Ünsal

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