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Metehan Özcan, Things we keep, things we remove, Encounter Series, 2023, Archival Pigment

Metehan Özcan

12.10  25.11.2023

Solo Exhibition

Curator: Merve Elveren

Metehan Özcan’s solo exhibition "Rehearsal", curated by Merve Elveren, meets with the audience at Versus Art Project between October 12, 2023 to November 25, 2023.

"Rehearsal," Özcan's second solo exhibition held at the gallery, offers a comprehensive overview of the artist's practice. More than a personal exhibition, the show invites the viewer into a continuously evolving memory space, revealing Özcan's thought processes. It brings together new productions spread across different rooms of the artist's space, along with past works, his archive, and personal traces from periods in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, as well as works by other artists.

Derived from the word "rehearsal," which encompasses meanings such as 'to test,' 'to confirm,' 'to put to the test,' 'to try,' and 'to examine,' the exhibition positions itself in a constantly evolving and open-to-rethinking space when evaluated alongside the processes the word has undergone and the meanings it encompasses. Additionally, the exhibition establishes a bridge between the private and the public through the juxtaposition of objects from the artist's own archive and works borrowed from artists in his immediate circle.  

Throughout the exhibition, with changing arrangements and content, "Rehearsal" can be perceived not only as an exhibition but also as an open studio, a space where different curating and exhibiting methods are experienced, and a living environment. The inclusion of Özcan's current works and items from his archive allows for the presentation of new narratives within the artist's practice.

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