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10.02  26.03.2022

Solo Exhibition

Selim Süme's solo exhibition titled "TRANSIT" meets with the audience between February 10 and March 26 at Versus Art Project. In this exhibition, Süme puts the everyday and the ordinary at the center with his photography works. Oscillating in the opaque space between coincidence and fiction, the exhibition explores the aestheticization and (or) dramatization of the everyday. 

Pointing out that taking a photograph is also not taking / showing something, leaving it out of the frame, in his “TRANSIT” series Süme focuses again on the subjects that he has given up on looking at for a long time.


Süme uses point-and-shoot (snapshot) practice in this series, which he defines as a return to the production technique he used when he started working on lens-oriented works 25 years ago. Trying to take advantage of the possibilities of a compact film machine, the series tries to establish a language in pursuit of raw, sincere and simple aesthetics as much as possible. With his photographs, he deals with the practice of keeping a diary and tries to present them "without blinding the viewer" in his own words.


Süme's photographs, inspired by the poet Ahmet Güntan's “Particle Ham” manifesto, come together under the title of “TRANSIT”.

Exhibition View
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