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Vahit Tuna
b.1971, Edremit

Vahit Tuna completed his undergraduate education at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Department. He, who describes himself as a designer, has been producing in the fi eld of visual arts since 1995. He is the designer of many important art publications and artist books. Tuna is known for his work on performance, video, installation and sound.

The works of the artist, who participated in many group exhibitions abroad as well as solo exhibitions in Turkey, are included in many museums and corporate collections. Tuna uses sound as one of the determining factors in his art productions. The artist often questions and deconstructs the conventional in his works. The artist draws from global art history masterpieces and pop icons. His works include topics such as the status quo, social norms, nationalistic reflexes, power and the media.



19.09 – 01.10.2019

Solo Exhibition

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