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Ömer Pekin
b.1991, Istanbul

Having completed his education in Architecture, in Künste Wien Akademie der bildenen Künste Wien in Austria, Pekin received his Master’s degree in SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture).


Examining the architectural compositions built in the digital environment at the artistic scale, Pekin aims to create different forms each time by defining software as a visual practice between art and architecture. In doing so, Pekin examines his relationships with analog painting techniques by giving temporary materiality to digital resources. The purpose of the artist’s practice is to create different realities, each with a different form of aesthetics in terms of form, by questioning the relationship between physical quality and digital outcome.

Ömer Pekin currently lives and works in Istanbul.



11.05 – 17.06.2023

Solo Exhibition 


21.12 – 06.01.2018

Group Exhibition



22.10 – 28.11.2020

Group Exhibition

Curator: Ezgi Bakçay


The Uncanny. The Real. The Epiphany.

22.10  28.11.2020

Group Exhibition

Curator: Ezgi Bakçay

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