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Selim Süme
b.1978, Istanbul

Artist and educator Selim Süme focuses on the image as a question. Some of Süme’s research has centered on areas such as subjective documentary storytelling and examination of the representativeness of the image. His current work focuses on the fragility of the relationship between the image and reality, through which the concept of the image is called into question.


Süme’s works have been shown in various biennials and galleries. He has published the artists books 289kd (Reccollective, 2009), Tekerrür (Reccollective, 2016) and Vesika (Reccollective, 2019) and is also a founding member of the collectives reccollective and bandrolsüz. He is currently teaching at Bahçeşehir University and Medipol University as a visiting lecturer.


Süme is currently living and working in Istanbul and in Vienna.



10.02 – 26.03.2022

Solo Exhibition



22.10  28.11.2020

Group Exhibition 

Curator: Ezgi Bakçay


29.11 2018 – 05.01.2019

Solo Exhibition

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